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Desert Fury


Build up plant cell walls and encourage productivity with "Desert Fury," a potassium silicate supplement from Nutriling. Silica is an essential ingredient that reinforces your plants. "Desert Fury" should be considered an additive, not a primary nutrient. Although "Desert Fury" is not fundamental for plant growth and development, it can benefit numerous. It increases the internal structures needed to support heavy plants loaded with flowers and fruits. The plants spend more of their energy creating blooms and buds.

Strengthening the cell walls shields against environmental stress and improves the uptake of water and minerals. The plant assimilates silicon through its roots. Inside the plant, it travels to active growing points, where it complexes with an organic compound in the cell walls and makes them stronger.

Heavy buds holder

The critical ingredient fortifies your plants and enriches the internal structures needed to support top-heavy plants laden with flowers and fruits.


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