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Self Piercing Dripper


The Netafim Self-Piercing Drippers are perfect for using in blank poly tubing or adding into PC poly dripline wherever you need an extra dripper. The self-piercing barb means no tools require for installation, the sharp tip barb pushes easily through the poly tubing sidewall. Dripper has an internal check valve that holds back 1.74 PSI or almost 4 feet of head preventing low head drainage. Pressure compensating feature will deliver the same flow from 10.15 PSI to 58 PSI providing precise watering for every plant. Netafim's TurboNet flow path regulates flow and provides continuous self-cleaning action during operation while the anti-siphon operation prevents contaminants from being drawn into the emitter as the system shuts down. This allows both surface and sub-surface installation.

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